An Ode to the Acknowledgements

My favorite part of the book

Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash

In the midst of productivity goals and to-be-read lists it’s easy to close the book after the final page of the story to add the novel to our GoodReads, but there is so much insight and love and beauty to be found a few pages later in the Acknowledgements.

I’m not sure when I started reading the Acknowledgements, but it has changed my experience of reading. While I look forward to finishing the story, as soon as I read that final sentence, I’m eager to see what the acknowledgements the author has shared.

It feels like a letter from the author to me. I’ve gone through the journey they invested so much of their time and effort into, and now we are finally together at the end. We are “on the same page” if you will (literally and figuratively). Now that we are at the end of the story together, I get a glimpse into what it meant to create that journey.

Stories exist within a community, a network of people and stories and ideas and characters all intersecting. And it is in the Acknowledgements that I get to see that a little more clearly.

Whether I enjoyed the book or not; whether it left me emotionally spent or on a high, reading the Acknowledgements acts as a cap — a bookend if you will. I reflect on my own experience reading the book, and the author reflects on their experience writing it.

I’m thankful for this insight. And I’m thankful for the editors, publishers, friends, and lovers who helped to create the story. I wouldn’t know these people without the Acknowledgements.

So thank you, Acknowledgements, for making my reading experience a good one.

English Major and Library School grad. I’m interested in books, research, and being a better human.

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