Rediscover your love of reading!

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Maybe, like me, you’re trying to read more. It’s been a while since you read a book, and it just feels like too much work to find a good book and focus on the pages … but you want to want to read. Sometimes it just takes the right book to inspire you to dig in and embrace that love of reading that you’re struggling to rediscover.

The following three books helped me do just this. I typically stick to contemporary fiction, but here I’ve ventured into the world of historical fiction and non-fiction, and I think the change did…

Let’s find it together

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We can all agree that this past year and a half have changed… almost everything. For some, this pandemic has completely changed our lives, our families, our outlook on life. As things are beginning to get back to normal (or not, in some cases), I’ve been thinking about one thing I’ve missed: serendipity.

The Serendipitous Life

In addition to a deep sense of loss, the everyday magic of serendipity has left my life and it’s one of those things I didn’t notice until I started to investigate why I was feeling so… blah. …

3. It’s all about the people. Always.

Vintage photo of large family.
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Each morning, the first thing I do when I log into my computer for work is open up a newspaper website for the obituaries. Reading about the lives of people I never knew and who no longer live is a strange experience, and it’s taught me a few things about life and the world around me.

Reading Obituaries

I work for a non-profit, and I read over obituaries looking for donors in our database so that we can 1) mark them as deceased in the database so they aren’t contacted for future donations, and 2) send condolences or in some cases even…

Reading is more fun with friends

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Chances are that if you’re reading this, you love books. You likely also have friends who love books. This is the case with me. I love reading, and two of my close friends from university and I decided to have a book club. We all missed the days we spent in undergrad (English Literature majors) discussing books and analyzing themes, scenes, and characters.

So we decided to take this on ourselves. It can be tough to run an effective book club when everyone is very passionate about the subject as there are many opinions to navigate. It can begin to…

You don’t need to hustle through your twenties

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If you’ve spent any time browsing articles on Medium, you know that productivity is popular. We all want to know how to make more money, develop a side hustle, get more gigs, read more, write more, and do more tasks in less time. As someone who fits the audience of most of these articles, it’s easy to get swept up in them, and I’ve even written some. Why is this so appealing? Is this discourse beneficial?

I recently completed grad school and so I am the perfect target for these “progress” tips, tricks, and lifestyle changes. I have student loans…

Thank you for reminding me to dream

Image provided by author from her mom’s house

Dear My Mom’s Inspirational Wall Decals,

Not many people appreciate you the way you deserve. Some people might even make fun of your simple, yet effective reminder to “live, laugh, love”. Some might say, “I don’t need to be reminded to live, laugh, or love while I’m sitting on the toilet” but to them I say, “isn’t that the perfect time to be reminded of those things?”

Apparently, people look down their noses at alliteration these days. Ignore them. I will “love as long as I live.” And I guess cliches are out? No way, you do you!

I don’t…

From endless holds to audiobooks, libraries have endless possibilities

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In a world of (increasingly) digital focus, libraries can get lost in our memories of elementary school storytimes or summer reading clubs. Still, libraries are not a thing of the past.

By rediscovering my local library, I was able to increase my reading over the past few months. Here are a few tips I’ve learned to help you read more.

1. Add Everything to Your Holds List

I started to read more by putting every book I heard of on hold at the library. If I was listening to a podcast and someone shared a positive review, I would open my library account and place that book…

A search for “good literature”

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I’m a pretentious reader. I was an English major, a high school overachiever, and grew up in a conservative, well-read family. The only fiction I read was what was cannon, award-winning, or generally “good literature”. Romance novels did not fit into this frame and, until recently, had no place on my bookshelves.

After graduating from university in 2017, I had a really hard time reading. For the past four years, I had read multiple books a month, but after graduating I had a hard time picking a book to read, let alone finishing it. The books I had read in…

A letter to you… and me

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Maybe you feel alone. It’s isolating.

You see others moving ahead and somehow the distance between you gets further and further and it seems impossible to catch up.

Maybe it’s your friends: dating, getting married, having kids, getting the dream job, the promotion. They’re getting published, funded projects. Or maybe they’ve grown in confidence and self-assurance, and you struggle to keep jealousy in check.

It wasn’t always like this. You used to dream together. Plan together. Maybe you were even leading the way.

You used to be able to join in conversations, but now your contributions are speculation. Are they…

The power of confident words

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I didn’t know what a high school valedictorian was until a classmate in grade seven said I would be one. And so that’s what I did.

It all started on the drive home from the junior high band concert. It was the first concert of the year, and it was my first year at that school. Though it had started rough, I had made a few friends and my class was great. We were the dictionary definition of band geeks, and I was completely okay with that.

On the ride home after the concert, my mom was telling me about…

Anndrya R

English Major and Library School grad. I’m interested in books, research, and being a better human.

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